OnePlus 5T HydrogenOS 5.0.1

OnePlus 5T HydrogenOS 5.0.1 (Android Oreo 8.0) Released – What’s New

Yesterday, OnePlus 5T quietly updated to the Android 8.0. On March 3, OnePlus 5T HydrogenOS 5.0.1 (Android Oreo 8.0) has been released. The size of the update is 1889MB. Moreover, OnePlus 5T HydrogenOS 5.0.1 (Android Oreo 8.0) is available for all OnePlus 5T users. Here’s the highlight of the update:

OnePlus 5T HydrogenOS 5.0.1 (Android Oreo 8.0) – The Changes

  • Desktop  to update to V2.2
  • Album updates to V2.0
  • File updates to V1.9
  • File management updates to V1.7.6

Furthermore, OnePlus 5T HydrogenOS 5.0.1 (Android Oreo 8.0) updates the system with a new control center interface design. In addition, the biggest changes from Android N to Android O are smoother, longer lasting and more secure Android platform.

OnePlus 5T HydrogenOS 5.0.1 (Android Oreo 8.0)

What’s New in Android Oreo 8.0?

Google says that the latest Android OS stresses on a better security. Moreover, we also see a drastic increase in speed of the OS. The App loading speed increases to 2x. Meanwhile, there are some features added and improved as well including:

  1. New features include icon shapes
  2. Dots for notifications
  3. Improved security options
  4. An autofill fill service
  5. Smart text selection
  6. Picture-in-picture mode
  7. Wi-Fi Aware
  8. Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) 5.0 Support
  9. New UI (App Category, New Android TV launcher, Android Studio)


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It is worth mentioning that Android 8.0 has done some special optimization as well such as the improved background apps monitoring and increase in battery saving. For the emojis lovers, Android 8.0 introduces 60 new emoji expressions.

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