OPPO Perspective Panoramic Screen Featured

OPPO Releases Perspective Panoramic Screen Using Under-Screen Camera

At today’s MWC19 Shanghai Conference, OPPO officially released a new perspective panoramic screen, through the subtle combination of the camera module. Previously, OPPO and Xiaomi also teased us with the working of under-screen hidden cameras. With the high transmittance screen and optimization algorithm to ensure the integrity of the screen. At the same time, keeping the body thin and light, and comprehensively take into account the content display and photo, face unlock, video call and other functions.

Perspective Panoramic Screen ‘How it Works With Under Screen Hidden Camera’

According to OPPO, the OPPO “Perspective Panorama Screen” uses a custom camera module to capture more light. The sub-area display is combined with a higher transmittance “transparent material” to allow light to pass through the screen more adequately. In addition, through the multi-frame HDR algorithm, defogging algorithm, and automatic white balance algorithm optimization, “Perspective Panorama Screen” can achieve a complete photo experience and will support camera functions including smart beauty and filters in the future.

OPPO’s product manager ‘Qiao Jiadong’ said:

With the increasing functionality of smart phones, users have put forward higher requirements for a more immersive, broader screen view. From the water drop screen to the lifting structure, to the ‘perspective panoramic screen’ released today, OPPO has been constantly exploring the best balance between ‘slim and thin’ and ‘complete screen’ in a limited mobile phone space. We hope to make the user’s “realistic full screen” experience even closer with the technical breakthrough of ‘perspective panoramic screen’.

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