Pipo X15 Tablet Preview – An Intel Core i3 Powered Beast with 6 USB Ports

Big news jumped in early in the New Year. Yes, that famous machine among the famous machines without imagining, building a unique genre that distinguishes itself from other Windows PCs with only one series, the successor to the supreme all-in-one tablet PC, Pipo X10, and Pipo X12, the name ” Pipo X15” was released. The design has been completely changed while inheriting its outstanding characteristics, and I think that the size of the impact of each product can be conveyed just by looking at the title image. Does this open up a new era of Windows PCs? We’ll see in this Pipo X15 tablet preview.

Pipo X15 Tablet Preview – An Intel Core i3 Powered Beast with 6 USB Ports

Pipo X15 Tablet Preview – Specs Sheet

Specs Pipo X15 Tablet
ModelPIPO X15
CPUIntel Core i3-5005U
GPUIntel® HD Graphics 5500
SystemWindows 10
Screen 11.6 Inch IPS Capacitive Screen
Resolution 1920*1080
Size 255*173*70mm

Pipo X15 Tablet Preview – Design

Let’s take a look at the characteristic design of the Pipo X15. The currently released product images are clearly CG, not the actual ones, but I think their features are fully conveyed. There is no bezel thickness, and while the old type was a trapezoid that was as simple as possible in the elementary school arithmetic volume calculation, this new version it was designed to be quite elaborate. Even so, it is increasingly unique. The changes from the old model are noticeable in that the angle of the display has been reduced and the rugged external antenna has been omitted.

It’s a pity that the display is no longer angled, but looking at this figure, it seems that it is also intended to be fixed to the wall. Oh, it says that there is no battery. The PIPO X series was originally designed to meet niche needs, such as the PIPO X3 with a thermal paper printer and the PIPO X4 toughness tablet; this indicates that the product is not expected to be used as a typical “tablet”. Of course, that’s why it’s so much fun, because it’s such a sprawling series.

Pipo X15 Tablet Preview – Design

Ports with the greatest features. Indeed, there are six USB ports: two rear and left and right, any peripheral device, you can freely connect. How is it? Because it is a “tablet”, there is a power button on the side and a volume button. I don’t need high-quality things like Type-C! This makes me feel rugged for business use. If you want to output video, use the RS232 port! (HDMI is also available.) Oh, this pointy presence that keeps all other PCs away. Isn’t it just gazing just looking at it?

Pipo X15 Tablet – Design

Pipo X15 Tablet Preview – CPU

The CPU is equipped with the recently popular Core i series, which has become out of shape: Core i3 5005U. In addition, it comes with a version equipped with the 4th generation Core i7-4510U that is also described as an option, but for the time being, only the Core i3 5005U version is generally available, so we will talk about that. The specifications in parentheses are optional, and there seems to be room for customizing the OS version and storage capacity in addition to the CPU. However, it seems that it is not for general sales but only for orders for commercial use directly from the manufacturer. The Core i3 5005U looks at the PassMark score:

  • Core i7-4510U: 3918 points
  • Core m3-3Y70: 3518 points
  • Core i3-5005U: 2903 points
  • Celeron N4100: 2246 points

Pipo X15 – Points

So, is it something like Celeron N4100 or more, Core M3-7Y30 or less? However, recent CPUs have remarkably improved their graphics processing power, so it may be necessary to discount them. Roughly think of it as Celeron N4100 Plus Alpha. However, power consumption is large. RAM is necessary and sufficient 8GB for this class, and also, the storage is SSD, and only 180GB is generally available. The format is SSD M.2 SATA, so you can expect enough speed in this class, which is common for recent tablets. Also, this is nothing if you do not take the actual machine, but you are also concerned about the possibility of expansion or replacement.

The biggest dissatisfaction with the previous generation PIPO X10 and PIPO X12 was the lack of performance with the scalability. I can do a lot, but I don’t have enough processing power and storage! Wonderful specifications that solved these problems with this new version!

Pipo X15 – CPU

Pipo X15 Tablet Preview – Battery

There’s a point that is really very problematic: this PIPO X15 doesn’t seem to have a battery, so the usability greatly depends on the presence or absence. In the case of the previous generation, the PIPO X10 with battery was released after the release of PIPO X8 and PIPO X9 without battery. In the future, I would like to look forward to the possibility of launching the PIPO X16 (tentative) with a battery.

Pipo X15 Preview – Battery

Our Verdict

Now, it’s time for our final verdict on this device. Unfortunately, because it is not equipped with a battery, the basic characteristics of the product will be evaluated as a “mini PC” or “TV Box” instead of a “tablet PC”. However, there is only a mini PC with a display about this PIPO X series, and even though it is a highly expandable mini PC, the overwhelming expandability such as this USB × 6 is unique. So how do you use this? If you have a battery, God, advent! Here, Windows PC has reached the pinnacle of evolution. Assertion! (There is an individual difference in the way of feeling), but this can only be expected in the future.

Either way, just look at it! It’s no wonder that the model is full of romance. That’s why I can’t stop the Chinese PC world!


Concerning their market price, the Core i3 5005U version of this product is available in the online store of Banggood with a price of $389.99. On the other hand, the Core i7-4510U version is not in sale currently.