Step-By-Step Guide To Sign Up For MIUI 12 Beta Testing

Yesterday, MIUI 12 was announced with Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth Edition. The new MIUI is known for its incredible Animation effects, super wallpapers, Dark Mode 2.0, new Mi launcher, new privacy features, and a whole new design system. The slogan for the UI is “Touch the dream and feel the truth”. Xiaomi officially announced that the MIUI 12 China stable version will be fully upgraded at the end of June. Now we all know that there’s always a closed beta version to test the stability and bug issues of the new MIUI. If you want to get the first experience, you can sign up for the MIUI 12 Beta Testing. Here’s how to sign up for it and enjoy the UI before others.

Note: This is MIUI 12 China Closed Beta ROM

To see the list of supported devices click here.

About MIUI

MIUI system has 310 million monthly active users by now and it has been the UI of Xiaomi phones for more than 10 years now. Xiaomi claims that software is the soul of smartphones, and it is more important than hardware to some extent. Today, we have the Xiaomi’s 10-year dreamwork ‘MIUI 12’ with us.

MIUI 12 Features:

  • All new super wallpapers (Mars, Earth)
  • New unlock, charging, locked, home screen effects
  • Major Update: Incredible new animation effects of icons, status, notification bar, pop-ups
  • New Smart Screen Gestures
  • New privacy features
  • Improved security
  • XiaoAI voice assistant is now calling assistant
  • Global Dark Mode 2.0
  • New Mi Launcher
  • Improved AI app behavior

Sign Up For MIUI 12 Beta Testing – A Step By Step Guide

Ways to register for MIUI 12 beta testing:

  1. Register on Xiaomi official WeChat Channel
  2. Using Bar Code To Download The ROM (easiest method)

MIUI-12-Beta Closed Sign Up

Note: Only selected Xiaomi phones have been allowed to participate in the program, you can check yours as well in the list.

Using Bar Code To Download The ROM

Step 1: You will need a Xiaomi phone to scan the QR code

Step 2: You can scan the QR code from the ‘Tools’ section located in your Xiaomi phone or you can download another QR scanner from Play Store.

Step 3: Click on the scanner and make sure the image “barcode” is close enough or follow this link directly.

MIUI 12 Sign Up for Closed Beta QR Code

Step 4: On the page, you must have to log in (if no account, create a new account).

Step 5: After logging in, you will be redirected to the device list page. Select your device (if not there then you can’t test the beta ROM). There will be an “Application Code” to be entered.

Step 6: In order to get the Application Code, you have to install the WeChat App (you can get one from Playstore). Search for “MIUI” click on the official MIUI WeChat page, and send MIUI 12 on the background. You will receive a code (numbers).

Step 7: You have the application code, paste it in the second row.

Now you have successfully signed up for the MIUI 12 Closed Beta Program and will receive the update.

Tip: Since the website is in Chinese, you can use the Google Translator to translate the text in your language.

I hope you have signed up for the beta version of MIUI 12. How’s the new MIUI 12, let us know in the comments!

You can download some cool wallpapers of the MIUI 12 from here.