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Xiaomi Ecomo LT PEAC-60-001 Preview: A $60 Award Winning Water Purifier

Why use those heavy traditional water purifiers, when you can move to portable, compact and smart water purifiers. Xiaomi Ecomo LT PEAC-60-001 smart water purifier is a Faucet-based water purifier which is based on three aspects. It’s compact, smart, and one heck of a purifier despite the small size. Its design has been awarded the Reddot design award 2018 as well as iF 2019 design award. Xiaomi Ecomo Purifier can be connected with an app to let you know the water status (real-time AI monitoring). Last but not least, it can filter Let’s get to know this faucet purifier better from the Chinese land:

Xiaomi Ecomo LT PEAC-60-001 smart water purifier - Award winning

Xiaomi Ecomo LT PEAC-60-001 Smart Water Purifier – China’s Best Faucet Smart Water Purifier

Design & Appearance

One of the highlights of Xiaomi Ecomo LT PEAC-60-001 smart water purifier is its compact and innovative design. Xiaomi collaborating with Nanjing Yimi Intelligent Technology Co. invented this high-quality composite filter. It’s sometimes hard to believe that this little guy can detect Pesticide, Petrochemical, Sediment, and Rust monitoring on real-time, as well as connect to an app, and effectively filter out anything unwanted or harmful in the water.

It occupies a space of 82 x 117mm and weighs 430 grams. It’s around the size of your DSLR’s Macro Lens and can be equipped in your backpack  The chassis is mold from plastic and is IP65 certified. This means that water can’t enter the body and some splashes won’t do any harm to the filter. However, submerging it in water is not recommended as it’s not IP68 certified. As far as the durability is concerned, the inner casing is high-grade Abs and anti-corrosive.

Xiaomi Ecomo LT PEAC-60-001 smart water purifier design

To be specific, this filter has a split design which means that you can split it into two parts and can use each part independently. One part monitors the water quality, while the other part filters water. As simple as that.

The upper side can be twisted to switch to raw water and purified water to ensure the user the difference between both of these.

Button of Xiaomi Ecomo Water Filter

We really appreciate the innovative LED light surrounding Xiaomi Ecomo LT PEAC-60-001 smart water purifier. It changes color to let you know the current status without looking at your phone’s app. The LED indicator shows the following:

  • Blue indicates ‘Checking’
  • Red indicates ‘ Poor Water Quality’
  • Yellow indicates ‘Good Water Quality’
  • Green indicates ‘Excellent Water Quality’

Indicator of Xiaomi Ecomo

How to Install?

Xiaomi Ecomo LT PEAC-60-001 smart water purifier is easy to install. It can be screwed to your faucet in no time. There are three female thread adapters of different sizes and an external thread to perfectly fit it on any type of faucet. Just unbox, try to screw the portable filter, if loose, try the adapters, turn on the filter by twisting. All done. As simple as that!

Monitoring & Analysing

Along with the Microspectral chip based on embedded water quality AI algorithms and Microfluid technology allows the device to precisely calculate the number of pollutants in water in a 0.3ml flow volume channel. Xiaomi says that it’s 4T Indicator Monitoring. The filter can monitor:

  • Total Organic Carbon
  • Turbidity
  • Total Dissolved Solids
  • Temperature

Xiaomi Ecomo LT PEAC-60-001 smart water purifier - APP

All sort of impurities can be seen on the dedicated APP for Android and iOS called ‘Ecomo’. You can get it by scanning the QR code on the Chinese Manual. The interface of the app is in Chinese but can be converted to English in the settings. Moreover, the app allows social interaction as well. You can see the water quality of the users using the device in that area. App compatibility is not an issue and bugs are frequently fixed with updates. The app indicates:

  • Detailed explaining of the current LED indicators
  • Data storage
  • Water Quality monitoring
  • Filter view
  • Water Quality Map

Filtering & Quality

Now coming to the actual purpose of the Xiaomi Ecomo LT PEAC-60-001 smart water purifier. There’s a composite filter to purify water. The filter consist of four layers:

  • Pet filter cotton
  • Activated carbon granule
  • Composite fiber
  • Pet filter cotton

The fiber layer has a large adsorption capacity. It’s Japan’s activated carbon fiber +ion exchange fiber which has a large micropore content and a narrow pore size distribution which can effectively filter out micron-sized pollutants.

Meanwhile, a high mesh consisting of 30-70 meshed activated carbon ensures better filtering as well as long life. Just to make a comparison, the standard fiber mesh is 20 – 30 in general water purifier, while in ECOMO Composite Fiber it’s 30 – 70.

The water purification is carried out at a rate of 1 liter per minute. It supports working pressure in a range of 0, 10-0, 40 MPa. The temperature can be adjusted from 5 to 38 degrees Celsius. Sadly, you can’t expect an advanced RO system under that size. If you are into RO filters, Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1A might interest you.

Battery Life

The filter consists of a large 1000mAh battery to power the monitoring system which can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth. 2 hours of full battery charge allows the monitoring to run for a whole month.

Xiaomi Ecomo LT PEAC-60-001 smart water purifier - Charging

In short, it’s an innovative portable filter offering both monitorization and filtration at a relatively cheap price.

Pros & Cons of Xiaomi Ecomo LT PEAC-60-001


  • Highly portable
  • High-Grade Abs, anti-corrosive
  • Monitors four properties of water (4Ts)
  • Four layered filter
  • 30 – 70 high-grade composite fiber
  • Real-time monitoring
  • 1-month battery life on 2 hours charge
  • Dedicated App support
  • Relatively cheap price


  • No RO system
  • Chinese Manual

Price & Availability of Xiaomi Ecomo LT PEAC-60-001

You can pre-order Xiaomi Ecomo LT PEAC-60-001 smart water purifier from Banggood for a discounted price of $59.99 only.  The shipping starts from June 14. Here’s the link to the store:

Update 6/15/19: Looks like Banggood removed the product from the store. We will let you know soon when it’s available. Meanwhile, you can check their official website.