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Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1A Preview – China’s Best Water Purifier Just Got Better!

After getting a great response from the first and second generation of Xiaomi Water Purifier, the Chinese manufacturer Mijia along with the collaboration of Xiaomi releases the next generation known as Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1A for a price of 1499 Yuan ($238). Let’s see what’s new in this model in comparison to the previous one.

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1A - Featured

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1A – RO, 4 Filter layers, App Control!

Design & Appearance

At first, Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1A might appear to be a ditto copy of the previous model. It has retained a generation of minimalist white appearance while remodeling the chassis structure. You can’t simply distinguish between both generations from a distance. However, if we inspect closely, we can see that the new generation is many compacts then the previous one despite having the same appearance.

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1A - dimensions

Xiaomi Water Mi Purifier 1A adopts a kitchen-type design.  According to the official introduction, this design does not occupy the countertop space. The thickness of the entire machine is 138mm, which can save more space for cabinets under the sink. It is equipped with an independent faucet, using 304 unleaded stainless steel, undergoing casting process. The chassis is clean and tidy, reflecting an image of pure and safe water.

How Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1A Works?

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1A uses one of the best water purifying technology which is reverse osmosis. To ensure the best quality, the purification design consists of four layers:

  1. High-density folding PP filter: this layer can effectively intercept large particles of impurities
  2. Pre-carbon rod filter: Similar to other water filters, the carbon filter absorbs the water Chlorine, heterochromatic, odor, and some small particles
  3. RO reverse osmosis filter: One of the most expensive water purifying technologies. This layer remove most of the harmful substances such as bacteria, antibiotics, and heavy metal scales
  4. Post-carbon rod filter: Similar to the Pre-carbon rod filter

As we can see, there are two carbon filters so that no impurity or odor remains in the water. We don’t need to open the cabinet. Watch the color indicator of the LED ring to see whether the water quality is up to standard or filter needs to be replaced and even if the machine is working properly or not. According to Xiaomi, this new model achieves a  filtration theoretical accuracy of 0.0001μm.

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1A - 2

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1A continues the tradition of 400 gallons high flux, and the water output per minute is up to 1L, which is in line with people’s normal water use habits. The 400-gallon high flow RO filter cartridge can purify 76 barrels of bottled water per day. At the same time, the tank-free design eliminates the need for water storage. 

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The best thing is that in countries where Xiaomi is official, Xiaomi gives you free on-site installation of the purifier as well. Anyways, it won’t be difficult for you to set it by yourself.

What’s Smart in Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1A?

Xiaomi always makes its products smart. This makes the Chinese manufacturer much more innovative and smarter than other manufacturers when it comes to common consumer electronics. So what smart function do we have in Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1A?

In terms of functionality, Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1A can be connected to Wi-Fi. The user can simply connect it to the Mijia App to open the management interface. Here you can check the quality of water in an instant. Furthermore,  it will intelligently prompt to replace the filter when needed, providing a one-click order function. The two filters only need to replace once a year. So, if you change it once a year, the average daily filter cost is only 1 yuan ($0.16). Regarding the changing the two filters, the new model still retains its core technology. Gently twist each filter from the top to eject them. Insert the new one straight. As simple as that!

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1A - filters

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Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1 Versus Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1A

Like previously said, appearance wise both models are the same. However, considering the size, Mi Water Purifier 1A is much compact than the old one. It’s thinner, and that’s why it can save a lot of space in the cabinet. Technically if the size has been reduced, the volume of 1A is obviously reduced as well.

From the indicator point of view, there are two major differences between the old model and the new 1A. The first is the speed of water discharge. The old model has a speed of 1.4L/min, while for 1A it’s 1L/min. Meanwhile, the second difference is the pure wastewater ratio. The old model is 2:1, and for Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier it’s 1:1.

ModelMi Water Purifier 1Mi Water Purifier 1 A
Dimensions410mm x 205mm x 205 mm381mm × 138mm × 420mm
Weight11.8 kg 11.8kg
Power96W 72W
Water flow1.3L/min1L/min
Pure wastewater ratio2:11:1

The old model has an automatic flushing function of the RO filter, which is to automatically flush the impurities accumulated on the surface of the filter hole and remove the impurities from the wastewater. However, Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1A doesn’t have this function. Therefore, it is estimated that there will be a decrease in the amount of water in the later use of the RO filter. It is not known whether flushing has an effect on the assessment of filter life. After all, we know that RO filters are not cheap.

Specification Sheet

ModelMi Water Purifier 1A
Dimension381mm × 138mm × 420mm
Product implementation standardQ/YM 001-2015 reverse osmosis water purifiers for household and similar applications (devices)
Material 306L Stainless Steel
Effluentwater quality meets the requirements of the national standard "Packaged Drinking Water" (GB 19298-2014)
Rated total net water volume1000L
Water flow1L/min

Applicable water pressure0.1-0.4MPa

Temperature5-38°C of municipal water
Rated voltage220V

Rated power72W

Electric shock protection typeII
Applicable environment4-40°C

It is recommended to use cyclecomposite filter for 8 to 12 months, RO reverse osmosis filter for 18 to 24 months
Price1499 Yuan ($238)

Pros & Cons


  • Compact Size
  • Great Filter Life (once in one year)
  • Replace only two Filters
  • Improved water quality


  • Water flow slower than the previous generation
  • RO filters are not cheap

Price & Availability

Today, on April 8, Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1A starts selling on Xiaomi official website for 1499 Yuan ($238). However, the sale is limited to only China right now. But the good news is that it will be available internationally soon as well on mi.com.

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1A - price

Moreover, we will inform you when it gets globally available on Gearbest, Aliexpress, and other Global Chinese stores. So stay tuned!

Right now you can buy the previous generation of Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier. Here’s the link to the store: