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Xiaomi Mijia CMSXJ11A 1080P Outdoor IP Camera – 100 Day Battery!

On June 11, Xiaomi sub-brand Xiaobai released a new outdoor wireless camera. The XIAOMI Mijia CMSXJ11A 1080P Outdoor IP Camera features an integrated long battery life, wireless installation, IP65 dustproof and waterproof, for an affordable price of $88.88.

XIAOMI Mijia CMSXJ11A 1080P Outdoor IP Camera – Innovation & Security

Starting with the design, Xiaomi brings some innovation to the camera. Instead of following the traditional pointed, edgy design and large metal chassis, Xiaomi Xiaobai brings curved high-quality plastic chassis with a remarkably compact size. On the front, is the main camera lens along with the IR sensor as well as an AI human detection sensor, all arranged in a vertical position which looks quite unique.

XIAOMI Mijia CMSXJ11A 1080P Outdoor IP Camera design

The package contains a small white camera gateway device, which effectively enhances the stability of the network signal during remote data transmission and effectively reduces the power consumption of the camera. Inserting a MicroSD card into the gateway also enables local storage of the monitoring video.

XIAOMI Mijia CMSXJ11A 1080P Outdoor IP Camera 2

The greatest highlight is the battery life. Powered by a built-in 5100mAh Lithium battery, the camera can monitor up to 100 days on a single charge. 

Considering the features, it supports Al human detection, reducing false detection. With the artificial intelligence learning algorithm, it is possible to intelligently analyze the shapes of the human figure in the picture, so that there is an alarm to avoid false detection caused by flying insects, pets, and light changes.

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With the PIR human body infrared sensor trigger alarm design, once someone enters the detection range, the camera will detect infrared radiation from the human body (detection distance up to 10 meters), with motion detection technology, trigger and push alarm information to the mobile phone, let you The first time to understand the abnormal situation.

XIAOMI Mijia CMSXJ11A 1080P Outdoor IP Camera

XIAOMI Mijia CMSXJ11A 1080P Outdoor IP Camera records a 1080P high-definition picture quality with an F2.6 large aperture for sufficient light exposure. Each frame is as true and clear as the eyes can see. For the low light condition, there are built-in 8 infrared night vision lights, making a completely black environment monitorable.

Xiaomi Outdoor Camera

It supports MicroSD card to store video. The full video automatically overwrites the old video; free to store 7 days alarm video in the cloud, every 7 days of recording, the video automatically loop coverage. You can view alarm video at any time in your smartphone.

Selling Points

  • Innovative design
  • Support Gateway
  • AI human detection
  • PIR human sensor infrared sensor trigger alarm design
  • Night vision with 8 IR lights
  • 1080p video recording
  • MicroSD card supported
  • App control (Mijia home)
  • 100 days of battery life

Price & Availability

You can purchase XIAOMI Mijia CMSXJ11A 1080P Outdoor IP Camera from Banggood for a price of $88.88.  Here’s the link to the store: