Xiaomi WalkingPad Mini Walk Smart Treadmill

Xiaomi WalkingPad Mini Walk Smart Treadmill – The Most Compact Treadmill Ever! (Updated)

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Xiaomi product range is increasing day by day. Who would have thought that a Chinese company could ever move from smartphones to almost every consumer electronics? Fitness accessories, gadgets, consumer electronics, toiletries, stationery; the company has felt us its presence in almost every category. Today, Xiaomi releases another unique product for those who want to train at home. Meet the new Xiaomi WalkingPad Mini Walk Smart Treadmill.


Xiaomi WalkingPad Mini Walk Smart Treadmill is for the fitness lovers who want to have a treadmill but don’t have enough space to set one. This is because the treadmill itself is way compact and portable that you can ever imagine. It’s:

Xiaomi first treadmill, yet the Best Chinese treadmill out there!

Xiaomi WalkingPad Mini Walk Smart Treadmill  – What’s so Special?

Xiaomi advertises its products as ‘Smart’. But what smartness can you find on a treadmill? Well, it’s a treadmill that doesn’t have a panel or a supporting stand. See, we told you it will be compact. It has a relatively small size of 1200 x 415 mm and weighs only 28 kg. So you can actually lift this machine easily. That’s not all. The design of the treadmill is foldable. We can actually fold this treadmill and after folding it, Xiaomi WalkingPad Mini Walk Smart Treadmill occupies only 12.9 cm in length.


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The credit goes to the simple and innovative layout which does not include any LED lights (apart from the embedded display), panels or a supporting stand. However, if there’s not a supporting stand it means that you can’t hold it to support yourself. Thus, there’s a chance that the person can fall from it, but the maximum speed isn’t that much.  Meanwhile, no stands also give the user the perfect experience similar to running on a road or a walkway.

Xiaomi WalkingPad Mini Walk Smart Treadmill

Like most of the Xiaomi smart products, Xiaomi WalkingPad Mini Walk Smart Treadmill can be controlled via Mi Home app for smartphones or the supplied remote control.

Xiaomi WalkingPad Mini Walk Smart Treadmill

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As far as the speed is concerned, the treadmill is able to reach 6 km / h. Thus, it is recommended for light physical activity (jogging), to lose weight, and simply to remain fit. It’s not for the people looking for a high hp treadmill for an intense cardio session.

Xiaomi WalkingPad Mini Walk Smart Treadmill 1

The Selling Points

  • Compact & innovative design
  • Super Cheap
  • App or remote controlled
  • Great running experience
  • Embedded LED display

The Down Points

  • Low hp and speed
  • No support as the stand is removed
  • Not for people who are obese (Weight limit)

Price & Availability

The new WalkingPad Mini is available for purchase to Chinese users via the YouPin platform in China. It is priced at 1699 yuan (about 222 euros / $267) which super cheap concerning a treadmill. The shipping will start on May 31st. We hope that this particular product (extremely handy, a very rare case for treadmills) will be available soon for international purchase on Gearbest, Aliexpress, and other Chinese Global platforms. If so, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Update: Xiaomi WalkingPad Mini is now available to buy on the popular Global Chinese store ‘Gearbest’ and ‘Zapals’. Though there’s a large price difference, however, the product is worth trying.


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