Xiaomi ZMI 65W PD Charger Review: The Most Compact 65W Charger!

Now that the high power chargers are trending these days offering incredible fast charging. However, we usually see higher the power of a charger, the worse is the portability. That’s not the case with the new Xiaomi ZMI 65W PD Charger, a PD 3.0 charger with a max 20V/3.25A, model HA712, supports 65W high power output, foldable pin design, and is smaller than Apple 61W charger. Let’s know the charging modes, compatibility of the charger in this Xiaomi ZMI 65W PD charger review:

Xiaomi ZMI 65W PD Charger Review – Double The Power, Half The Size

Design & Appearance

The shape of the Xiaomi ZMI 65W PD Charger is the same as most chargers, with a square shape and a smooth waist. The housing is made of plastic and is made of two different textures: matte and glossy. Meanwhile, a combination of grey and black has some uniqueness.


The front is marked with the figure “65W”, in glossy texture. You can just see that it’s a 65W charger just by looking at it.

Xiaomi ZMI 65W PD Charger Review - Front

Furthermore, on the back, it has a single USB-C output port, similar to the QC 4.0+ PD charger.

Type-C port of ZMI 65W charger

The opposite side of the output port is the side of the charger pin, which adopts a foldable design for daily storage and carrying.

Foldable pin of ZMi

The pin surface is also marked with the detailed parameters of the charger which are:

  • Model: HA712
  • Input: 100~240V AC 50/60Hz 1.0A
  • Output: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/3.25A
  • Manufacturer: Nanjing Cool Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
  • S / N: FRKHA7121924000059 and from the S / N code can be inferred that the production date of this charger is February 4, 2019, sample No. 59

Description of ZMI

The thickness of the charger is slightly larger than the diameter of a dollar coin.


Overall, the ZMI 65W PD charger is very small, smaller than the Apple 30W PD charger with 2x the charging power.

ZMI 65W vs Apple 30W

Here’s a size comparison of this charger to the other high power chargers available on the market:

All chargers
From left to right:  Apple 61W PD Charger, Netease Smart 65W PD Charger, Huawei 65W PD Charger, Xiaomi 65W PD Charger, Lenovo 65W PD Charger, ThinkPlus 65W PD Charger, and Xiaomi ZMI 65W PD Charger.

When directly compared with the Apple 61W charger, the compact size is more obvious.

Zmi 65W vs Apple 61W

In terms of dimensions, the ZMI charger occupies a space of 50mm x 50mm x 28mm.


It weighs only 95.7g which is the lightest 65W charger on the planet.

weight of ZMI 65W chager

weight comparison
List of the weight of 65W chargers

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