Aliexpress Sumemer Sale 2023

AliExpress Summer/Winter Sale 2023 Guide | Coupons

AliExpress is bringing Summer Sale 2023 (for the North) and Winter Mega Sale 2023 for the South. So, we are back with a guide on the best way to get discounts on this event. This time we have $4 off on every $30 spent (up to $12 max) and special coupon codes. Here’s a guide for you for this June event.

Duration: 12th June to 18th June PST (7 days)

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What is Aliexpress Summer/Winter Sale?

In June, when summer arrives, AliExpress does a promotional event where it offers $X off on $XX spent, coins, cashback, and coupon codes to get products at a discount.

Moreover, this is also marked as Winter Sale for the southern regions of the world such as Australia and New Zealand.

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What’s New This Time on AliExpress Summer/Winter Sale 2023?

Unlike the prominent events like Anniversary Sale and 11.11, this time we only have four promos going on. The coins discount, cashback, and theme GoGoMatch game are missing. Here are the promos:

  1. Discounts (up to 50% off)
  2. Spend & Save ($4 off on every $30 spent)
  3. Aliexpress In-Store & Site-Wide Coupons

1) Discounts (up to 50% off)

Looks like AliExpress read my Anniversary sale post and they put a lower fake discount on products on products this time (last time it was up to 80%). For the reader new to my AliExpress promotional event posts, these absurd discounts are not real at all. Remember that Aliexpress always has discounts on its products 24/7 for 90% of their products. At events, they usually increase the product’s price and then put the mentioned % discount on it. The discounted price is still higher than the MRP price of that product in China. I mean AliExpress wants to earn profit.

You can track the price of a product throughout the entire year on (it’s around 70% accurate) but gives you an estimate of the price trend.

2) Spend & Save ($4 off on every $30 spent)

Sadly, unlike the previously past Anniversary sale 2023 where we were getting $4 off on each $20 spent, this time it’s the same $4 but the spending limit has been increased to $30. Moreover, the maximum amount you can save by stacking has been decreased to $12 (on a $90 order) instead of $16 (on $80). So try buying products with numerous orders instead of one single order unless you are going to apply the biggest coupon code. Do the math!

3) Aliexpress In-Store & Site-Wide Coupons

Promotional events boost AliExpress sales not because of the fake discounts they put, but firstly because of spend and save, and secondly AliExpress Coupons (Site-wide to be specific).

Thankfully, we have site-wide coupons that are applicable to every order on Aliexpress which includes products that are not a part of the sale.

Moreover, you can also combine the site-wide coupon with the in-store coupon for the best discounts. However, you must have noticed by now that most products in the sale especially the ‘Selected Choice’ ones have no in-store coupons.

Speaking of in-store coupons, there aren’t many new, summer sale specific in-store coupons added. However, do double-check if the product (which you are buying) store is providing any in-store coupons or not. You can also see in-store coupons by going to the Summer Sale page >> Coupon Center. If you still didn’t find it, here’s the link to the page.

AliExpress Summer Sale 2023 - In-Store Coupons

How To Get The Best Discounts?

Moving to the real thing, getting the best discounts will require you to search for items with spend and save coins discounts, and event discounts. You will also have to look for the total amount your order has. For example, if I have one item priced at $36.36 and the other at $24.99, why not combine them so that we can get up to $6 off from spend and save and then apply the $6 off on $50 coupons on the order screen? If there’s a store coupon as well, click to add it to your account, and then gets automatically applied to your order screen.

Discount on event page + $4 off on every $30 + Site-Wide Coupon codes + Store Coupon (if available) = Best Discounts of June 2023

Here’s how I managed to get the best discount:

Pages For Aliexpress Summer/Winter Sale

These are the two main pages of the event that have promotional prices.

Aliexpress Summer/Winter Sale 2023 Coupon Codes


ValueMinimum SpendCode Name
US $6$50SS6
US $8$75SS8
US $17$150SS17
US $24$200SS24
US $33$280SS33
Coupons are valid from June 12th to 19th PT

The above codes can be used for orders to countries EXCEPT for RU, UZ, KR, AM, FR, ES, KZ, BR, TJ, BY, MD, AZ, TM, KG, GE, US, SA, AE, QA, KW, BH, OM, IL


ValueMinimum SpendCode Name
Coupons are valid from 6.12 04:00:00 to 6.19 03:59:59 BRT


ValueMinimum SpendCode Name
18€ 120€ES18
30€ 200€ ES30
50€ 300€ES50
Coupons are valid from 2023.06.12 09:00 to 2023.06.19 08:59:59 AM Hora peninsular. The 80€ coupon is available from 12/06 9 am to 13/06 8:59 am and from 18/06 9 am to 19/06 8:59 am 


ValueMinimum SpendCode Name
25€ 200€FR25
45€ 300€FR45
70€ 450€FR70


All users

ValueMinimum SpendCode Name
US $6$60US6
US $15$120US15
US $30$200US30

For New Customers

ValueMinimum SpendCode Name
US $5$20USNEW5
US $8$40USNEW8
US $12$80USNEW12
US $25$120USNEW25

For IL

ValueMinimum SpendCode Name

For SA, AE, QA, KW, BH, OM

ValueMinimum SpendCode Name

Looks like we have more coupon codes this time and with really good discounts.

Disclaimer: Below is the affiliate link to the product in the button. We might earn a small commission if you purchase from the links below. This will help this blog run.

Concluding this guide, we hope that you understood the promos in this summer/winter sale. If you face any problems during this event let me know in the comments below.

Happy Shopping!