Amazfit Band 6 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Amazfit Band 6 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 5 – Specs, Price, Features Comparison

Recently, Amazfit Band 6 came out, and here we are doing the Amazfit Band 6 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 5 comparison. The Amazfit Band 6 is said to be the upgraded version of Xiaomi Mi Band 5. Why? It covers all the downsides of the Mi Band 5 and has even better accuracy. So, what are the differences between both health wearables, let’s find out in this Amazfit Band 6 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 5 comparison:

This article has been written comparing the specs and features of Amazfit Band 6 which were leaked on Aliexpress. Once the product is officially announced we will update this article. Cheers!

Amazfit Band 6 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 5 – Differences You Need To Know

Amazfit Band 6 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 5 – Specifications (Specs) Sheet Comparison

Product Amazfit Band 6 Xiaomi Mi Band 5
Dimensions ?? 47.2 x 18.5 x 12.4mm
Weight ?? 25 g
Material Plastic + Glass Plastic + Glass
Shape Elliptical Elliptical
Strap Material Silicon Silicon
Customizable Yes Yes
Buckle Push-button Push-button
Screen Type Color AMOLED Color AMOLED
Screen Size 1.1″ 1.1″
Resolution 126 x 294 pixels 126 x 294 pixels
Brightness 450 nits 450 nits
Battery capacity 130mAh 125mAh
Battery life up to 20 days (15+ days advertised) up to 20 days (14+ days advertised)
Charging time 1 hour 2 hours
Charging Type Dock, Magnetic Dock, Magnetic
Sports Mode 11 11
App Amazfit Mi Fit
Price ??? 189 Yuan (26 USD)

Amazfit Band 6 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 5 – Design Comparison

Starting this Amazfit Band 6 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 5 comparison with the design, both bands have a similar capsule-like design with the 2.5D glass arc to give them a curve effect. Honest, it looks like Amazfit has copied Xiaomi (though Amazfit is Xiaomi’s sub-brand).

Mi band 5 images:

Amazfit Band 6 images:

Both bands have tempered glass protection giving it anti-scratch protection. However, this thing looks good on paper, but in a real scenario, the hard scratches leave permanent marks on every Mi Band wearable and this Amazfit Band 6 as well. A screen film or cover is a must for these two bands.

The only difference in the design is the front button layout. Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has an inverted U shaped button. Meanwhile, Amzfit Band 6 has a rectangular shaped button. That’s all!

Winner: Tie

Amazfit Band 6 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 5 – Strap Comparison

Similar to the design, the strap appearance and material is also the same for both wearables. It’s a soft and dense TPU skin-friendly material with the unique push-button buckle that looks nice and saves while wearing. However, since it’s not a traditional tang type, the hold might not be tight. As for me with the Mi Band 5, it loosens and the band falls sometimes. That’s the problem in every Mi Band generation.

As for the band customization, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has the most customized bands available on the internet. You can read our 10 best straps/bands for Mi Band 5. Amazfit Band 6 is new and isn’t that popular as Mi Band 5. It doesn’t have that much custom made straps available at the moment.

Considering color choices, we have olive, orange and black band colors for Amazfit Band 6, while for Mi Band 5 there are 6 color choices.

So, just because of the customization of the bands, Mi Band 5 wins this section.

Winner: Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Amazfit Band 6 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 5 – Screen & Display Comparison

Moving to the screen & display section of this Amazfit Band 6 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 5 comparison, both have the same 1.1″ AMOLED display with a resolution of 126 x 294 resolution, 450 nits brightness.

So, is section has no winner but a tie.

Winner: Tie

Amazfit Band 6 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 5 – Hardware & Performance

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is equipped with a 6-axis motion sensor: 3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis gyroscope. The 3-axis accelerometer is responsible for sensing front, rear left, and right (three-dimensional space). Meanwhile, the three-axis gyroscope separate dynamic information that senses left and right tilt, front and rear tilt, and left and right swing.

As for the Amazfit Band 6, we also have the 6-axis motion sensor but an accurate one with vertical distance marking as well.

The two bands have a PPG sensor for HR detection and support abnormal heart rate alerts. The accuracy with be discussed in the features and function section. Xiaomi mentions that the PPG sensor has been upgraded in Mi Band 5, making it 50% more accurate than the previous generation. As for Amazfit Band 6, the PPG monitoring is similar to the one found in Amazfit smartwatches and is the most accurate one among the two bands.

As for the algorithms which help in the accuracy of the measurements, we have Amazfit Band 6 with the most updated algorithms compared to the Mi Band 5.

In short, comparing the hardware, Amazfit Band 6 is more accurate than Mi Band 5 and even other budget-friendly brands.

Winner: Amazfit Band 6

Amazfit Band 6 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 5 – Functions & Features

Coming to the section of this Amazfit Band 6 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 5, where we see the difference between both bands.

Amazfit Band 6 features

We all know that Xiaomi Mi Band 5 didn’t have the major anticipated functions including the Alexa voice support and more importantly SPO2 detection. However, Amazfit Band 6 features these two functions covering the downside of the fifth generation of Mi band. It also features all other features of Mi Band 5 these include:

Model Amazfit Band 6 Xiaomi Mi Band 5
Pedometer Yes Yes
HR sensor Yes Yes
HR alert Yes Yes
Sleep tracker Yes (REM eye movement added, all-day tracking) Yes (REM eye movement added, all-day tracking)
Calories burned Yes Yes
Distance measurement Yes Yes
PAI vitality index Yes Yes
Women Health Yes Yes
Breathing training guidance Yes Yes
Stress Level Test Yes Yes
Blood Oxygen Monitoring Yes No
Sedentary reminder Yes Yes
Sports Modes 11 11
Payment options Yes, Alipay, Google Pay (rumored) Yes, Alipay, UnionPay (in NFC version)
Alarm Yes Yes
App notification Yes Yes
Weather Yes Yes
Music Player Yes Yes
Stopwatch Yes Yes
Timer Yes Yes
Find Device Yes Yes
Remote Camera Control Yes Yes
Dynamic Dial Yes Yes
DND Yes Yes
Voice assistant Yes, Alexa Yes, XiaoAI (Chinese NFC version only)

Both bands have the following 11 sports modes:

  • yoga
  • elliptical machine
  • rowing machine
  • skipping rope
  • indoor climb
  • swimming
  • freestyle
  • outdoor running
  • treadmill
  • cycling
  • walking

Thanks to the SpO2 and Alexa voice assistant, the winner of this section is:

Winner: Amafit Band 6

Amazfit Band 6 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 5 – App Comparison

Honestly, if Amazfit Band 6 is going to be expensive than Mi Band 5, it is because of the Amazfit brand and its App known as Amazfit.

Unlike Mi Band series ‘Mi Fit’ app which also has ads, the Amazfit has no ads, better UI, detailed reporting, and a larger social database and options. Moreover, algorithms like the SomnusCare, Oxygenbeats, Biotracker 2, and huamiPAI are worth the price difference.

Mi Fit screenshots

Amazfit app screenshots

Winner: Amazfit Band 6

Amazfit Band 6 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 5 – Battery Comparison

Amazfit Band 6 battery life is up to 15 days as advertised. Mi Band 5 battery life is up to 14 days as advertised. Though the battery capacity isn’t known of Amazfit Band 6, I believe it to be almost the same as Mi Band 5 (125mAh).

The battery life of the two bands depends on the frequency of usage, the HR interval set, the brightness setting and other features activated, so the results may be different from that advertised (better or worse)

Both bands support magnetic dock type charging. The charging time is different. Amazfit Band 6 chargers much quicker (1 hr) then Mi Band 5 (2 hrs) from 0% to 100%.

Winner: Amazfit Band

Our Verdict

Amazfit Band 6 (6 Points) | Xiaomi Mi Band 5 (3 points)

*1 point even in case of a tie

Overall Winner: Amazfit Band 6

Concluding this Amazfit Band 6 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 5 comparison, no doubt Amazfit Band 6 is the winner because of  better features (SpO2 and Alexa) and accurate readings . Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is a  cheaper alternative with a lot of customization to offer. However, you will miss the SpO2 sensor and Alexa voice assistant .

In the end, it depends on your budget. If you have a budget over $50, then go for Amazfit Band 6 (you won’t get disappointed), and if around $30, go for Mi Band 5.

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