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Huawei Honor 10 Hands-On Review – Simply The Most Alluring Phone

On April 19, Huawei officially launched the new Honor 10 in Shanghai. This new device seeks to elevate the name of the brand, offering a terminal at the height of the new generations with a, particularly grand design. Do you need a camera so powerful that people might find hard to believe that it’s a phone’s camera? Then this is your smartphone. Join us to discover in this Huawei Honor 10 Hands-On Review all the beauty that shines from the device.

Huawei Honor 10 Hands-On Review – Images

The Huawei Honor 10 comes with a very colorful body that resembles the shades seen in the Huawei P20 Pro. It’s a beautiful combination of metal and glass. A beautiful horizontal gradient of colors that mix the Phantom Blue, Phantom Purple, Gull Gray and Night Black tones. The terminal also has two more variations of colors, one in blue and one in black, but these only reflect the light in different directions, so the most careful work is in this version. Do not be fooled by its beauty, since we are not dealing with a fragile phone. In fact, it has an IP67 certificate, which guarantees that it is immune to dust and water.

Huawei Honor 10 Hands-On Review color gradient
The holding experience of the phone is similar to P20 but nowhere near to iPhone X. The 18:9 ratio enables the phone to have a perfect hold in hands. However, the grip should be not light as the phone slightly slips because of the glass surface.
Huawei Honor 10 Hands-On Review Notch
The use of single front camera and earpiece allows the notch to be as compact as possible along with a great finishing

In the front, we find a design that has become popular in recent months, which consists of a large screen that almost does not use bezels and at the top is located the famous “notch” where the front camera, the speaker, and the proximity sensor are located. Indeed, it’s similar to iPhone X full-screen design.

The only difference is that there’s a home button with an integrated fingerprint reader at the bottom, which allows a hybrid look of Huawei P9 and iPhone X.

Huawei Honor 10 Hands-On Review Fingerprint
The 2.5D glass arc is used as you can see the edges are slightly curved. Huawei Honor 10 breaks the trend of using rear fingerprint readers on full-screen smartphones and provides the integrated fingerprint reader on the home button located at the chin of the phone. No doubt that the home button is unique with dotted line.

Furthermore, on the front, we have the 5.84-inch LTPS LCD with 18:9 aspect ratio. It achieves a 2280 x 1080p resolution. In short, it is not the best of the resolutions, but considering that its price is relatively low within the high range, that is quite understandable. In the same way, it looks excellent, even though the edges could have been a little thinner.

Huawei Honor 10 Hands-On Review Display
We didn’t like the slightly thick bezels surrounding the screen. Huawei could have eliminated them. Thus, with these bezels, the full-screen can’t simply attract the audience to its fullest.

The front camera is 24MP, definitely a beast at the MP level to take selfies, although the lack of a frontal flash can slightly affect this performance. Anyway, it includes Beauty AI, so it is expected that the result is still up to the expectations.

Huawei Honor 10 Hands-On Review Top

At the top rear, we have one of the greatest highlights of this Huawei Honor 10 Hands-On Review: the rear cameras. It has a dual horizontal configuration of 2 sensors that protrude slightly from the case. The main one is a 24MP b/n sensor with a f/1.8 focal aperture, while the second sensor is 16MP RGB with the same f/1.8 focal aperture. These have an automatic stabilization and focusing system, to avoid any movement in the photographs. You can expect some incredible images comparable to Google Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy S9+. However, the images are not that much good in Huawei P22 Pro. Obviously, that’s why we have a huge price difference.

Huawei Honor 10 Hands-On Review Rear Camera
The protrusion  of rear camera might have caused some scratches on the camera lens but thankfully the camera lens is anti-scratch.

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Huawei Honor 10 Hands-On Review – The Specs

It would not be a Huawei Honor 10 Hands-On Review if we did not mention other features beyond visuals.

Huawei Honor 10 Hands-On Review Back

At the level of power, we have a quite solid flagship thanks to the Kirin 970 processor. It is built with a 10nm process and has a core architecture based on 4 x Cortex A73 + 4 x Cortex A53, with speeds up to 2.36 GHz. Accompanying this beast is a Mali-G72 M12 CPU. The memory configurations will vary depending on the version we want since there is a standard version with 4GB of RAM + 64GB of ROM and a premium version with 6GB of RAM + 128GB. These features place it as a high-end phone with one of the best prices in the market.

Huawei Honor 10 Hands-On Review
The rear is simply alluring and curved from borders. Thanks to the reflecting rear glass surface.

Under the hood, Huawei Honor 10  is powered by 3400mAh battery with the Quick Charge function. In addition to that, at the software level, it will include the latest in Android by having Android 8.1 Oreo with the EMUI 8.1 UI. It will also support NFC, 4G LTE connections, Bluetooth, and facial recognition.

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The device is listed to go on sale at the price of $400 in its 4GB of RAM + 64GB of ROM version, or $470 in its 6GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM version. Undoubtedly this will be the economical option for Huawei users who decide not to acquire the P20 because, with the exception of the triple camera, this terminal manages to fulfill very well in terms of power and design. It only remains to wait until May 15 for the company to launch the device worldwide.

Image Credit: Phoenix Technology