i12 TWS Manual | Step-By-Step Charging & Pairing Instructions (Guide 2020)

The recently launched i12 TWS Airpods may be the most affordable alternative to the popular Apple AirPods so far. Adapt’s advanced True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology that they have inside, and in addition to having the left and right channels separately, are points that add power to this new product. But for those who are using these Bluetooth headsets for the first time, they should have no idea how they work, so the next question goes into the world: how to use the i12 TWS Airpods? Well, don’t worry, here is a special operating instruction on how to use these earphones, and we’ll show it to you in this i12 TWS Manual.

i12 TWS Manual: How to turn on or off the i12 TWS?

  • Turn on: The two i12 TWS headphones will automatically turn on and pair after removing them from the charging case.
  • Turn off: Press and hold the back of the sensor for 10 to 20 seconds. You will hear a beep indicating that the earphone has turned off.

How to turn on or off the i12 TWS?

i12 TWS Manual: How to pair the i12 TWS to any product?

The two i12 TWS headphones will automatically turn on and pair with any smart device if it has Bluetooth on; To know if the connection was made, the left earphones will flash blue and the red LED of the right earphones will turn off when paired successfully, in addition to the “connected” message will be heard after pairing.

Note: If two earphones have not been paired with each other, please delete the paired information from the earphones, then long-press the power button of both earphones for 5 to 10 seconds to enter pairing mode; the left earbuds will blink blue and the red LED on the right earbuds will turn off when paired successfully. It’s worth noting that the headphones will turn off if they can’t sync within 5 minutes.

In case the paired information needs to be deleted, it is done as follows: In pairing mode, press the back of the earphone on the sensor until the LED light turns red.

How to pair the i12 TWS to any product?

i12 TWS Manual: How to play music with the i12 TWS?

Note: There are different i12 TWS Airpods available on the market. Since it’s not a registered name, it is used by different Chinese manufacturers. As a result, buyers have different touch control functions. Here are some models with different touch control functions:

Model 1

  • A single tap on either: pause/play
  • Double-tap on right: back
  • Double-tap on left: forward
  • Triple tap on right: volume up
  • Triple tap on left: volume down
  • Call Siri: Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds during playback mode

Model 2

  • A single tap on either: pause/play
  • Single tap without music player open: calls the last contacted person
  • Double-tap on right: volume up
  • Double-tap on left: volume down
  • Triple tap on right: rewind/previous
  • Triple tap on left: next
  • Call Siri: Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds during playback mode

i12 TWS Manual: How to answer phone calls with i12 TWS earphones?

  • Answer/end call: Press the back of the earphone once.
  • Reject call: Double press the back of the earphone.

i12 TWS Manual

i12 TWS Manual: How to charge i12 TWS?

I12 TWS Headphone charging

Put the headphones in the slot of the charging case, and then turn on the charging case. The LED indicator will flash red and turn off after a full charge.

Note: There are a few models that won’t turn off the red light even when the earbuds are fully charged. Note the time they do a complete charge which is usually around 1.5 to 2 hours from 0% to 100%.

Charging the battery box (charging case)

When charging the battery box with a USB cable, the LED indicator will light yellow and green. If the LED blinks 2 times it means your battery is 50% full, if it blinks 3 times it means it is 75% charged and if it blinks 4 times it means it is 100% full.


Q.1 How to fix/change the call option due to accidental tapping on the left earphone?

Go to your Bluetooth settings and turn off the phone control option. So it only has access to media. Go to your Bluetooth settings and turn off the phone control option. However, you will have to sacrifice the complete tap control.

Q. What if only one earphone is working and the other one is not connecting?

The best way to check if both earphones don’t have any hardware fault is that when both earphones are connected to the charging box they will have the Red LED light. If there’s only one light blinking this means that only one earphone is connected. Here are some solutions to connect the other one as well:

Solution no.1: Put them back in the case. Take them out at the same time and wait for them to be paired. Wait for at least 20 to 30 seconds.

Solution no.2: Try pressing the earphone which is not working for 3-5 sec. If nothing happens, try holding the sensor for about 30 secs.

Solution no.3: It may be that one of your earphones which is not working might be low on battery. If you have already tried to charge it up and didn’t succeed. Try moving them around the box while the box light is blue, when they catch connection with the box, they will light up red. Use a paper towel or a tissue, do some folds and attach it inside the box top lid. Place the earphones and close the lid. Just try moving them around the box while the box light is running blue when they catch connection with the box, they will light up red. If one side isn’t charging, this will push the earphone of that side to attach with the charging terminal and charge.

If you succeeded with solution no.3, it looks like we have the charging box defect here.

If none of the solutions worked, your earpiece is faulty, go for replacing it.

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We hope you now know how to operate the earphone from the above i12 TWS Manual. Want to know anything about the earphones? Do not hesitate to ask in the comments section.

  1. I can pair to my laptop just fine. Can’t pair to my Samsung A53 or S20FE. Just will not work.

  2. How/where I can fix/Replace broken white wire of the charging cable ať the end going into charging box i12?
    Will appreciate any advice.
    THANKS, Bob

  3. Since I’ve been given, it has not been working and anytime I charge it, it always blinks red light and when it finishes to charge,the red light stands still but all to no avail (it is still not working).
    Is it repairable or what do I do?

  4. The i12 is a waste of money, the buds will not pair with my iPhone. The left ear bud is completely dead. Just got them don’t waste your time or money. Buy something else

  5. Hi I’ve tried all the troubleshooting but I still have one pod not working. What are my other options, they are just about a year old and I haven’t used them a ton?

  6. Hi, I have just purchased a pair of I12 and struggling to skip songs, when I triple tap on right or left it goes to voice control or calls the last dialled number, Any help would be great to save me further embarrrasment.

  7. Hi, my inpods themselves work but the charging case does not. No lights turn on when I plug the case in and the only way it lights up is when I press on the outside button when it is plugged in, which it blinks red. I’ve tried cleaning the case and earbuds but nothing work, can I still fix it without getting a new case.

  8. I always wait for full charging and then I use it and it says “low battery” after like 10 min and on my phone I see that it’s fully charged. It’s only the right one that says this. What to do?

  9. Are these good close to water?I have been using them out on walks I like them very surprise of the quality. Can I wear them in the bath or in the Hot tub or will that hurt them?

      1. Mine is similar. Although after charging for 12 plus hours they work very well and the storage box has been charged completely also. Not the best but a good substitute.

  10. After leaving i12 Tws buds in charger box and leaving charger box on charge all night the box still has red light showing permanently, manual says when fully charged light will go off

    1. I found that if you take one pod out to pair, only that one pairs. I put them back to charge and made sure I pulled them both out to start the pairing process. Hope this helps.

  11. I tried to do the first charge with the pods in the charging box. The blinking orange light came in but it never shut off to tell me it was fully charged. I had it charging for 10 hours and the orange light still hasn’t shut off. How do I know if the case is fully charged if the light never stops blinking?

    1. Yeah same situation witj my airpods. If the led light is not blinking it means it is fully charged. Base on my experience. When i try to use it the bar percentage has already 100% full. So means if your charging box is permanently show the led light and not blinking, your device is full. Some of their products are not the same tapping tricks. Hope you understand my comment.

    1. Try this method:
      1. Unpair the TWS from the device
      2. Place TWS buds in case
      3. Take the left TWS out
      4. Wait for the prompt in Chinese, tap the bud 4 times
      5. Place back in the case
      6. Do the same for the right one.

  12. How do I get both working at same time ? I can pair them both with phone and both will connect but I can’t get both to play at same time. Both sides work but only separately not at same time. How do I get both to work together?

    1. It depends on the TV. Some have Bluetooth that only connects to the keyboard and mouse. While some support external speakers and earbuds.

    1. Isn’t that infamous about these earbuds and design type. I suggest grabbing earbuds with different-sized ear tips. Edifier X3, Fiil X1 Lite are some great examples.

  13. my i12 earpods won’t say pairing anymore, ive tried holding them down, using one at a time, putting them back in the case and charging them and all it ever say is power on or power off. it doesn’t even show on my phone nor connect.

  14. I use my airpods to talk on the phone. Now do I have to carry the phone with me in order to keep it from disconnecting because if I bought with the airpod in my ear and the phone is in another room it will disconnect does it have to be carried at all times so actual phone

  15. Hi. Great article very informative. Sorry this is so long but I wanted to provide as much detail as possible. I have the inPods 12. They are touch controlled with True Wireless stereo V5.0. The problem I’m having is that I can’t get the right inPod to pair. It powers on and both lights flash back and forth from red to blue (just like any Bluetooth device Ive ever owned does when its in pairing mode) but it never connects, it just powers off after awhile (auto shut off I assume). I can tap three times on either inPod and it will change from English to Chinese or vise versa. I can also hear the power off and power on prompts when the functions are used. When I take them both out of the case they both light up with the flashing lights but never sync together. If I open blue tooth on my iPhone, inPods12 is listed and if I connect to it only the left one will work. Is there a way to manual reset them to factory defaults in case there’s pairing info saved in there that I can’t delete? I’m thinking this was a returned item because when I opened them after I bought them I noticed the charging cable twist tie wasn’t on the cable I think someone might have paired with them before I bought them and I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me how to reset them. Thank you in advance for time.

  16. I had that problem once you just have to stick the other earbud in and make it charge then shove the other back in the right hole ik it sounds weird but that’s how you fix it

  17. I had the same problem. I had to forget the item and then plugged them in. I unplugged it after 5 seconds and it was blue and they started pairing.

  18. Please when I remove the earbuds from the charging box, the right one looks completely dead, no red/ blue lights whatsoever, no sounds , nothing, but red lights turns on when charging, any fix?

    1. It could be that the earbud is able to detect charging but isn’t able to charge that is why when you take it out it doesn’t go into pairing mode because the battery is dead. I’m afraid that’s a circuit problem in the earbud (most common in cheap Chinese tws earphones). There’s no solution to it, but either return the product or fix it yourself.

  19. Hi. I just want to ask why does my i12 5.0 TWS doesn’t have a voice prompts? When i take out the earphones from the box it doesn’t have a red lights from itself and doesn’t have any sounds. And the bluetooth device name of my i12 cannot found in my iPhone bluetooth settings. Looks like i buy something fake one.

  20. I’m trying to use these when I present using ZOOM. After a few moments they power down. Going i to power save mode because it’s not detecting audio? Can this be turned of?

  21. How long do the i12 earbuds take to charge? Also my earphones when I charge them there is no red light it stays blue!? Can you help me?

  22. Hi, i was wondering how to disable the automatic connection, or how to disconnect without even touching trhe phone. If you could help me out that would be great!

  23. I just got ipod i12 but is only the right ear that Is working. I tried connecting it but not connecting. But do show red light in d box but wen removing it the red light off and is not connecting at all and wen charging as well after sometime d red light remain.what s d solution.

  24. My earbuds won’t work with my Ipad and Samsung phone at the same time. I have to turn off the bluetooth on one or the other for them to pair. Is this normal?

  25. Hello, I really need to thank you for your amazing post!

    I just want to share with you that I have a Model 1. There is a mininum mistake in the commands cited:

    Model 1

    A single tap on either: pause/play
    Double-tap on right: back
    Double-tap on left: forward
    Triple tap on right: volume up (amend to down)
    Triple tap on left: volume down (amend to up)
    Call Siri: Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds during playback mode

    I wish you and yours are doing healthy and safe!

  26. I have an inpods 12 and how to charge it using its charging case? I think mine is not charging because if my inpods is low battery and I want to charge it I just simply put the inpods inside the charging case and then after a while as I want to use it again it seems that it doesnt charge on the charging case. How to fix it?

    1. Hi Nicole!
      Is one of the earbuds not charging or is it the whole charging case? The case does show charging light and so does earbuds.

      If the charging case is not charging, try replacing the cable with another one. If this doesn’t solve the problem, the charging case might be faulty.

  27. what is tge correct way to charge the inpods 12 to the charging case?

    what i do, is I power off both of the inpods and put it back to the chargong case and click the button. but nothing lights up. is there a problem or am I just doing the wrong way to charge the inpods 12 to the charging case? please reply.

    1. Simply, put them in the slot of the charging case, and then turn on the charging case. The LED indicator of the earbuds will flash red and turn off after a full charge.

      If one isn’t charging it means that it is faulty. Are you able to listen to the right earbud which isn’t showing red LED light when you put it in the case? If the LED doesn’t lighten up, it means they are faulty.

      I had QCY T5 as well and one of them got faulty. Since I had another i checked changing the case and putting them in each other cases and it was the earbud. So, in most cases earbud is faulty and if the charging case is faulty none earbuds will charge.

  28. how to charge the inpods 12 itself to the charging case? i put the inpods to the charging case and click the button but nothing lights up. can you reply on how to do it

    1. For most models, the charging case blinks LED light to indicate whether it’s charging or not.

      When charging the battery box with a USB cable, the LED indicator will light yellow and green. If the LED blinks 2 times it means your battery is 50% full, if it blinks 3 times it means it is 75% charged and if it blinks 4 times it means it is 100% full.

      If it is not blinking that it means that either the LED is faulty or the case not charging at all. If the earbuds don’t light up red when put in the case, then the case is faulty.

  29. Hi there, the right earbud doesn’t work it lights up red first when in the box then goes blue then the light goes out, the left one stays red
    I’ve tried moving it while it’s on charge but no different
    The left works fine on my Samsung tab A tablet but can’t pair it with my Samsung J7
    Does it sound as though it’s faulty

    1. What happens when you try to call via i12 TWS? Any message, error etc.? Are you able to record your voice via a voice recorder?

  30. Hi I have the i12 earbuds and I have figured out most of my questions with watching the review videos. However I have one thing that is driving me crazy. I am using the earbuds to listen to music but primarily to answer work calls though the Microsoft Teams app. Everytime I get an incoming call my phone starts reading to me the phone number and it always starts with 41 which is weird because our phon numbers never start with 41. It reads me out the entire string of numbers and then after the numbers it rings and it is pretty annoying. According to the instructions it is supposed to beep when I have an incoming call and that does not happen it goes 4 1 7 0 7 5 5 5 1 2 3 4 and it is slow and kinda obnoxious. How can I turn this off and get it to beep or ring instead? PLEASE help. Thank you.

    1. That’s weird. No one reported this before.
      Can you try the earbuds on another phone and see if the problem is there?

    1. Do this:
      1. Charge the box and pods.
      2. Start with the pods in the case and make sure you have removed the pods from any devices in the Bluetooth settings and “forgotten” them.
      3. Take out a single pod and wait for a few seconds and then tap the touch sensor 4 times.
      4. Put the pod back in the case and make sure it starts charging.
      5. Repeat on the other side.

      Since i12 TWS isn’t the same earphone for everyone (it has different models and different manufacturers), the instructions will be different for every model.

      The above process is the same, you just have to press 5 times or 6 times frequently to change the language. Or in other words, just keep pressing until to hear the word ‘English’.

  31. I was able to pair the headphones to my iphone, but I can’t pair them to my laptop? The computer can never find the headphones.Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Wallace! I did experience this with other earphones in the past on my notebook. Some of them were visible when I click on add Bluetooth devices but won’t pair. Meanwhile, some didn’t appear on the scan at all.
      Among the OS, Windows 10 is quite famous for this problem. I was able to fix this problem by uninstalling and reinstalling my Bluetooth driver and then updating it. I also noticed how good the Bluetooth works on the Windows default Bluetooth driver and experience problems when you install the driver provided for the laptop. However, that may not be the solution for everyone. You can read this as well: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/bluetooth-devices-not-showing-windows

  32. Is there a difference with left and right earbuds? If so how do you tell which is left and which is right.

    1. Well, by default, they are arranged like that (left one on the left side, right one on the right side) in the case. Moreover, R and L are also written inside the case lid.
      When you pair them together, the blue LED light will be visible on the left one.
      If both are working, you can do the sound test in PC to detect which one is the Left and right. Or even do a stereo test on a youtube.
      You can differentiate each of the earphones by its function as well.

    2. after charging the box for an hour, how many times can the earbuds be charged in the box without plugging? appreciate much your response.

      1. Hi Aynn!
        2 to 3 times after completely charging both the earphones and the case.
        As I said, i12 TWS isn’t some earbud registered to a specific company, lots of Chinese earphone manufacturers make it and both the charging time and battery life of case and earbuds are different in different i12 TWS models.

        1. The bud may be “impaired” meaning it might have a little problem. Try cleaning the prongs in the bottom of the case on the left side. If not, I would contact the owner, you can see them on this link below (if you bought them from Amazon), and ask the question in the question segment, and Xcell Management will answer your question. Hope this helps. 🙂

          Link: https://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Earbuds-Bluetooth-Earphones-Charging/dp/B0921JQPGS/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1RQOIH8DIPY1R&keywords=tws+earbuds+i12&qid=1680207047&sprefix=tws+earbudsi%2Caps%2C527&sr=8-3

  33. What power button? What LED? You need to label the illustrations to make clear what you’re talking about. Instructions otherwise don’t make xense

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