MediaTek Dimensity 800 vs Snapdragon 845 – 2020 vs 2017!

Over the months, on this page we have taken it upon ourselves to show all our followers the great comparisons between the best processors that each of our favorite companies has presented to users of smart devices, and today we came to Show you a new battle between MediaTek and Qualcomm, and that is the comparison between the Dimensity 800 vs Snapdragon 845. Today we are going to compare all its features, and see how much technology has changed in almost three years!

2020 vs 2017!

MediaTek Dimensity 800 vs Snapdragon 845 – Specs Sheet Comparison

Dimensity 800Snapdragon 845
Release dateJanuary 7, 2020December 5, 2017
Process 7nm8nm
CPUOcta-core 4x Arm Cortex-A76 clocked @2.0 GHz
4x Arm Cortex-A55 clocked @2.0 GHz ) Octa-core (- 1x Kryo 475 (A76) Prime 2.3 GHz (765)
- 1x Kryo 475 (A76) Prime 2.4 GHz
Dual-cluster, octa-core (4x Kryo 385 Gold @2.8 GHz
4x Kryo 385 Silver @1.7 GHz)
GPUMali-G57 MP4 Adreno 630
AIQuad-core APU 3.0
2.4 TOPS
Hexagon 685 DSP
Connectivity Integrated 5G ModemSnapdragon X20
D/L speed 1.2 Gbps (LTE cat.18)
U/L speed 150 Mbps (LTE cat.13)
Camera Dual 32MP+16MP
or single 64MP
Spectra 280 ISP
PriceAround $300 to $400$200 to $300

MediaTek Dimensity 800 vs Snapdragon 845 – Release Date Comparison

About release dates, it is obvious that the Dimensity 800 has a great advantage. This processor was shown to the world a very short time ago, on January 7 of this year, thus surprising users. Having said that, and although the Snapdragon 845 was not presented long ago, it does have time hanging around the market, since it was presented almost three years ago, on December 5, 2017.

MediaTek Dimensity 800 vs Snapdragon 845 – Process Comparison

First off let us start with the process technology which determines the power consumption and performance of the SoC. Keep in mind the lower the number the better is the performance as well as battery life efficiency. Well, we can clearly see that the Dimensity 800 owns the first place in this category due to its 7nm EUV process, while the Snapdragon 845 gets the second place due to its 8nm process. The smaller size in the nanometers makes it possible to build smaller chips but with greater power, and the new EUV technology helps it manage energy consumption much better.

Process Comparison

Winner: MediaTek Dimensity 800

MediaTek Dimensity 800 vs Snapdragon 845 – CPU Comparison

It is time to start this great comparison of processors, and we will start talking about the CPUs that are inside. Starting with the Dimensity 800, it is the first SoC to feature the four core performance and core architectures in the core segment; This large processor works with four large ARM Cortex A76 cores with a clock speed of 2 GHz, along with four small ARM Cortex A55 cores with the same clock speeds, up to 2 GHz. MediaTek is working on the inclusion of more chips performance cores, and all due to having more performance cores improves the opening times of the applications and games, as well as improves the performance of multiple threads.

That being said, the Snapdragon 845 is manufactured with a custom octa-core CPU Kryo 385. This CPU distributes its eight cores in two groups, power in the main and energy savings in the secondary. So, we have 4 Cortex A75 cores at a primary clock speed of 2.8GHz and 4 Cortex A55 cores at a secondary clock speed of 1.8GHz.

Although both processors have 8 cores equally and similarly distributed, and while the frequency of the Cortex A75 in the SD 845 is higher, the Cortex A76 present in the Dimensity 800 gives it a good start. However, in terms of raw performance, SD 845 takes the lead. While in terms of power efficiency Dimensity 800 is ahead.

MediaTek Dimensity 800 vs Snapdragon 845 – CPU Comparison

Winner: Snapdragon 845

MediaTek Dimensity 800 vs Snapdragon 845 – GPU Comparison

Turning to talk about the GPUs that are inside these two powerful processors, in terms of GPU performance, the Dimensity 800 uses the Mali-G57MC4, a four-core variant of the Mali-G57, which was announced in October. Its clock speed hasn’t been disclosed yet.

On the other hand, the Snapdragon 845 has a high-end Adreno 630 with a frequency of 710 MHz which is the third-best GPU of the company so far, being a leader in the industry.

The Dimensity 800 had a close call with the Snapdragon 845, however, and because we don’t have Dimensity’s clock speed and official GPU benchmark, we might consider this section a tie for now. We do believe that Snapdragon 845 will have a large difference on winning this.

MediaTek Dimensity 800 vs Snapdragon 845 – GPU Comparison

Winner: Snapdragon 845

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MediaTek Dimensity 800 vs Snapdragon 845 – Benchmark Comparison

Currently, the MediaTek Dimensity 800 is so new that no benchmarks are yet available, neither AnTuTu nor GeekBench, but we do have Snapdragon 845 AnTuTu and GeekBench scores:

In AnTuTu, this Snapdragon processor had an average score calculated from three iterations of 349.156 points, while in GeekBench, the average performance for the Snapdragon 845 calculated from three iterations in this test in the single-core execution mode is 2,393 points, while in multi-core mode this figure rises until reaching 8,300 points.

Because we don’t have the benchmarks of the Dimensity 800, we are going to consider this a tie, since we do not know if this processor would win or lose this battle.

Winner: Tie

MediaTek Dimensity 800 vs Snapdragon 845 – AI Comparison

Now, talking about AI, the APU 3.0 (AI Processing Unit) presented by MediaTek has four cores consisting of three different core types, allowing the Dimensity 800 to provide up to 2.4 TOPS of AI performance. Furthermore, the APU HW design is also said to be more efficient and more powerful to enable more accurate AI camera results.

With that said, Qualcomm never talked about the AI processing speeds on the Snapdragon 845 and this might be because, at the time this processor was released to the market, there was not much talk about AI. But as per the generation of the DSP, is possible that users can easily confirm that the Snapdragon 845 can’t outperform 765G in AI. The order of AI performance is just as the name of their DSPs.

MediaTek Dimensity 800 vs Snapdragon 845 – AI Comparison

Winner: MediaTek Dimensity 800

MediaTek Dimensity 800 vs Snapdragon 845 – Camera Comparison

Regarding the ISP (image signal processor) of the processor, the Dimensity 800 supports up to four cameras, with a maximum resolution of 64 megapixels. Similarly, artificial intelligence-based enhancements are promised to improve autofocus, exposure, white balance, and noise reduction. Also, 4K HDR recording is supported, as long as the mobile allows it.

That being said, powering the camera experience of the new Snapdragon 845 is the Spectra 280 ISP, a second-generation image processing engine. This is all new and looking to focus on bringing you the best photos and videos from your mobile device. But the really exciting thing is that Snapdragon 845 supports Ultra HD Premium video capture, perfect for the latest generations of UHD TVs. Also, there is support for 720p HDR10 capture at 480fps.

Camera Comparison

Winner: MediaTek Dimensity 800

MediaTek Dimensity 800 vs Snapdragon 845 – Connectivity Comparison

As for connectivity, the Dimensity 800 5G SoC supports 5G with two carrier aggregation (2CC CA) for 30% wider high-speed layer coverage and a higher average throughput performance compared to other solutions that use a single carrier (1CC, no CA). Also, it includes multi-mode support for 2G/3G/4G, and also supports Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS).

Having said that, the Snapdragon 845 offers advanced specifications with the X20 LTE modem. For download uses LTE Cat. 18 that offers speeds of up to 1.2Gbps and for load makes use of LTE Cat. 13 with speeds of 150Mbps. However, it doesn’t offer 5G networking which was in developing 2 years back.

Connectivity Comparison

Winner: MediaTek Dimensity 800

Price Comparison

Regarding its price, and although there is still no information regarding phones that have the Dimensity 800, it is possible that the price of Dimensity 800 phones will be higher than Helio G90T because of the fact that it support 5G networking. If we see a smartphone featuring this SoC, it would be around $300 to $400.

As for the Snapdragon 845, is not in production now so you will be getting a used one or rarely a new piece. If you are able to find a box packed SD 845 phone, it won’t cost higher than $200 to $300 depending on which phone it is Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Pocophone F1.

Winner: Snapdragon 845

Our Final Verdict

Concluding this MediaTek Dimensity 800 vs Snapdragon 845 comparison, we must say that it depends on the user to select the processor that best suits its needs. That being said, and guided by this comparison, it can be seen that the Dimensity 800 works in a better way compared to the Snapdragon 845 due to the internal characteristics that it has and that it provides to the devices, but as we always say, it all depends on the tastes and needs of the user.

If you need high performance go for SD 845, however, if you need better power efficiency, better camera, better AI, and 5G connectivity, Dimensity 800 is your choice.

Winner: MediaTek Dimensity 800 (4 points) | Snapdragon 845 (3 point)

Overall Winner: MediaTek Dimensity 800

MediaTek Dimensity 800 vs Snapdragon 845 – 2020 vs 2017!
The winner of this MediaTek Dimensity 800 vs Snapdragon 845 comparison is the Dimensity 800.
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