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Without a doubt, wireless headphones are currently one of the most used products by users around the world and, because of that, many companies have dedicated themselves to launching a large number of these devices. Among these is Tozo, which introduced us to the Tozo T6, Tozo T10, and the Tozo T12, which will be compared today in this Tozo T6 vs T10 vs T12 comparison.

Tozo T6 vs T10 vs T12 – All The Differences You Need To Know!

Tozo T6 vs T10 vs T12 – Specifications (Specs) Sheet Comparison

ModelTozo T6Tozo T10Tozo T12
Dimensions0.59 x 0.79 x 0.59 cm1.04 x 0.99 x 0.66 cm2.54 x 2.03 x 2.54cm
Weight 9g9g13g
Wearing tipeIn-ear In-ear In-ear
Music time5.3 hours3.5 hours5.3 hours
Bluetooth verison
Controls Touch panelTouch panelTouch panel

Tozo T6 vs T10 vs T12 – Design & Appearance Comparison

Before we talk about the way these three pairs of wireless headphones work, let’s be the Tozo T6 vs T10 vs T12 comparison by talking a bit about their design. At first glance, we can see that these are very similar since they all have the very useful and popular full in-ear design, which gives them the opportunity to position themselves in a great way inside the ear, avoiding so there are so many problems when the user is on the move.

Likewise, all these wireless headphones are ergonomic and very light, in addition to being adaptable to any size of the ear since they have sport rubbers of three different dimensions. It is worth noting that they are not resistant to scratches and bumps, so you have to be very careful with them. Also, the three pairs of earbuds have the much-needed IPX8 certification, this being the highest certification that exists, so these headphones can be totally submerged in water.

Tozo T10 is the only exception having physical clicky buttons while the other two ‘Tozo T16 and T12’ have touch controls. With that being said, the Tozo T6 could provide greater comfort compared to the other two pairs of earbuds, not only because it is one of the lightest, but because its size is smaller and can carry less inconvenience.

Finally, and speaking about their charging cases, we not only see a difference in their shape, since the charging cases of the T10 and T12 have a more oval shape, but also these two present the percentage of their battery, while the Tozo T6 uses LED lights, and the charging case of T12 is also sleeker than both T6 and T10.

Tozo T6 vs T10 vs T12 – Hardware & Performance Comparison

In relation to this category in our Tozo T6 vs T10 vs T12 comparison, there is something important to highlight, and that is that there is no knowledge about what is the chip that is inside any of these headphones since the company has not spoken about it. Having said that, all three pairs are versatile and provide good overall performance.

On the other hand, one of the highlights of these products is the master switch added to each earbud. This means that either of the earbuds will serve as the main earbud and will carry the functions of the main earbud (play, pause, call, forward, etc.). This is a useful approach because if you lost an earbud or one of the earbuds gets faulty, one can easily use another earbud as a mono earphone with the same functionality.

Tozo T6 vs T10 vs T12 – Connectivity Comparison

Due to the use of Bluetooth 5.0, the connectivity of these three headphones to other devices is of high quality, in addition to is capable of greater stability, battery optimization, and have a faster connection speed. Regarding the range in which to operate, all three can operate in a range of around 7 to 15 meters. Also, all of them support HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, which greatly improve the transmission speed and providing you with a low-latency listening experience.

Now, with iOS devices, the Tozo T6 has a latency of 167ms, the T10 of 152ms, and the T12 of 132ms, while, with Android devices, the Tozo T6 has a latency of 280ms, the T10 of 295ms, and the T12 of 139ms.

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Tozo T6 vs T10 vs T12 – Sound Quality Comparison

Now moving to the sound quality, we are going to find a difference in sound quality, due to the dynamic drivers that each pair has. The Tozo T6 comes with a 6mm speaker, while the T12 with 10mm speaker and the T10 with 8mm speaker. While these three pairs of wireless headphones are capable of delivering high-quality sound even in an open space, the 10mm in the T12 gives them the ability to have better bass quality.

Likewise, in relation to treble, the T12 also provides better quality, in addition to factors such as vowels and high notes are better represented. It’s by far the most balanced sound profile in comparison to T6 and T10. If, I were to rank them, T12 would be no.1, T6 would be no.2, and T10 be no.3 in this Tozo T6 vs T10 vs T12 comparison.

Having said that, when talking about leakage, the T6s are the ones that work the best, being followed by the T12 and, lastly, the T10.

Tozo T6 vs T10 vs T12 – Microphone Comparison

Speaking of the microphone that is built into these headphones, the reality is that there is not much to say. They work in an expected way, being able to absorb in a great way the voice of the person who is speaking, although they also do it with the noise that is around them. Having said that, the Tozo T10s perform a bit better, but the difference isn’t that much.

Tozo T6 vs T10 vs T12 – Battery Life Comparison

In relation to the battery of these, we can see a small difference. The Tozo T6 and T12 have a lifetime of approximately 5.3 hours, while the Tozo 10 can last around 3.5 hours, nothing more. Having said that, all three models take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to fully charge. Though these readings are what the paper has to say. However, T6 runs slightly longer than T12 and then comes T10 at last place.

Tozo T6 vs T10 vs T12 – Price Comparison

Finally, and to finish this comparison, we will talk about the prices of these earbuds. In the official Tozo online store, the Tozo T6 is priced at $35.99, while the Tozo T12 is priced at $39.99 and the Tozo T10, being the cheapest, priced at $29.99.

The Verdict

Because they were made by the same company, these three headphones have many features in common, making any one of them a good purchase option. Having said that, the biggest differences they have are their price, the life they have, and the characteristics they have at the sound level, although the three complement each other. Without a doubt, the best choice will depend on the user and their needs.

Go for Tozo T6 if:

  • You need a minimalistic design
  • Better control options
  • The best wearing experience among the three
  • Slightly better battery life than T12

Go for Tozo T10 if:

  • You want the cheapest of them all
  • The best microphone performance among all three earbuds
  • You prefer physical buttons

Finally, go for Tozo T12 if:

  • You want the best sound quality (much better soundstage and bass)
  • The lowest latency among the three
  • You want the latest upgrades
  • The most updated design

Tozo T6 and T12 are almost similar to each other. The T6 has a better microphone, cancels more background noise (due to the more different ear tips provided), and has slightly more battery life. Meanwhile, T12 has the most balanced sound profile and the lowest latency. Tozo T10 might not shine in terms of sound, battery, or design, however, it has the best microphone performance among all three.

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